Apple Unveils Ios 4.3, Arrives March 11Th

Ever wondered why the Motorola droid phone is the latest iPhone killer? Here are some amazingly cool applications, which are reasons enough to get your hands on one, and to wish you could get a free droid, or any free android phone, for that matter.

Enabling Restrictions: If your worried about your toddler buying/deleting apps or surfing the internet, the restrictions feature on the iPhone essentially “hides” those capabilities. To enable restrictions tap Settings>Enable Restrictions. You’ll be prompted to enter a 4 digit passcode and then re-enter it for verification. After your passcode is accepted you will see a list of features you can choose to turn off. If you wanted to turn off the ability to buy android installs for example, locate “Installing Apps” on the list and slide the “on” button to “off”. This will actually hide the Appstore application so that no app can be downloaded. This can be a little cumbersome for yourself, since you will have to go back and enable features in order to use them again.

BagCheckr: Are you the kind that is a frequent traveler but has trouble packing? Do you often leave things behind in hotel rooms? With this buy iphone installs you can create packing lists, add to them, organize them, number the items, enter the weights of each item and calculate the total weight of your pack. You’ll never leave anything behind on your business or personal trip ever again.

If you own a tablet without Twitter then it seems that you are lagging behind in technology. Even though the People app is similar to Twitter and fetches you updates from Facebook but it is not enough. You need an app that will help you communicate and share on a wider platform. Twitter is available as the native app that contains numerous features. It comes with add-on’s that are not available on other platforms. This app is integrated with other apps like Share charm that enables in tweeting from another app. You will be able to create a collage of pictures and tweets from within your own tweets. Additionally to make it available you can even pin it to your screen to enable live update feeds from Twitter.

The Apparatus buy app installs by Bithack is a puzzle based game in which you must get a marble into a blue bucket. This is an excellent game for all of you puzzle and logic fans out there. The game involves taking several pieces and connecting them in order to send a little marble into its blue home. The game is very well designed and the full version offers many more levels over the paid version. The game involves thinking and analytical skills and can get quite challenging at times. This is one of the most fun puzzle games on the Android market.

TableTots: This is an exclusive iPad app, that is meant as an educational tool that can teach kids a number of things, from spelling to counting. There is a green table that has a number of objects. You can tap on one of them for a voice to tell you what it is – whether a duck or a square shape. There are tabs labeled Things, Shapes, Letter, Numbers, and you can select the group that you want your kid to learn next. You can even move the objects around for greater interaction. It costs around $1.99 in the App Store.

The original iPad costs $499. According to Apple there will be an upgraded 3G-enabled iPad (meaning you’ll be able to access the internet the same way a cell phone with a web browser does) in a few months. That version will reputedly cost $629 and run $29.99 a month for 3G access (unlike with the iPhone, there won’t be a monthly service contract that you have to sign).

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